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I’m having a bit of trouble with this diagnosis I have to do for my final in Abnormal psych if anyone could help i’d be really appreciative. I’m not sure if I should put a family history of mania on there and if so which axis to put it on, as well as low self esteem. Also my teacher hinted that there probably wouldn’t be any axis with no diagnosis, and i’m having a hard time with axis 2 because my patient doesn’t seem to have any personality disorders or mental retardation (actually he is highly intelligent, arrogantly so). Any suggestions? Feel free to reply to this or inbox me.  

So my Research Methods teacher wants us to find an article using the databases… She said to find a psychology journal article published within the last year about how baby chicks respond to music preferences. And that if we searched it correctly it would be the first article in the results. Well like a dummy I skipped the class where they taught us how to use those things. Does anyone know how I should go about finding this article? I’d really appreciate the help!